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About Us

ID Tech Solutions being the prominent RFID products and solution provider with its HQ in India, Gurgaon (Delhi-ncr), has the CBIC (CBEC earlier) approved rfid container seals which are also known as Rfid tamperproof one time bolt seals for export containers. We are the manufacturer of CBIC approved RFID container seals, and we provide the highly reliable premium quality RFID container seal, and the container security solution for the authentication and security of the containers used for exports (Customs). We are the proud provider of RFID custom seals, and have a long list of satisfied clients across the length and breadth of India to whom we have delivered the same within the referred time.

These RFID seals also known as RFID E-Seals for containers which improve the accuracy of reading and reduce workloads along with the minimum human error of tracking and identification. As reading and writing identification numbers of container RFID seals are not feasible if done manually and time consuming also, these seals are the best solution for identification and security of containers. With in- depth understanding of the Indian markets we emerge as leaders through quality and product innovation. This industry leading comprehensive approach gives us the ability to respond quickly to customer needs and design innovative solutions that meet those needs efficiently and cost effectively. We take pride in building strategic long-term client relations.


The RFID Seal also known as RFID E-Seal or Security one-time tamper proof bolt seals for containers which transmits container information via handheld devices or UHF RFID Static Readers. It provides automatic identification of trucks, trailers, containers, etc.

The newly launched RFID Bolt Type Seals is made by best in class industry grade polymer which gives the casing high Ingress Protection ratings for external applications. The stainless steel gives the bolt super high mechanical strength. This new level of robustness ensures tag lifetime for years to come in harsh industrial environments. The ergonomic design of our RFID Tamper Proof E Seals has helped in container security and ease in exports.


ID Tech Solutions, a leading provider of RFID based Identity and Security solutions in India announces being the approved vendor of RFID E-seals for export containers which is also known as RFID Bolt Seals for one time use to address the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) new Self-Sealing procedures for Indian Exporters. In lieu of Circulars 26/2017, 36/2017, 37/2017, 41/2017 & 44/2017 of Customs, ID Tech now an empaneled vendor will be offering ISO 17712:2013(H) compliant RFID Container Bolt Seals to be used for E-sealing applications of containers.

“We would like to reiterate that our Customs RFID Seals, Hand Held Terminal and Software are completely compliant to the requirements of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs. Our RFID Tamper Proof Seal and Hand-Held Terminal would be an excellent choice for exporters opting for Self-Sealing Process. We have bundled our RFID Seal and Handheld Device with an easy to use Web Based Application to help simplify the procedure for self-sealing of containers by exporters. Our container E-Seals are ISO 17712:2013(H) Certified.

RFID Seals offered are a combination of conventional container bolt seals that ensure the required high security based on the ISO standards along with the unique identification and electronic security achieved by the RFID technology. The container seal is boosted with an electronic chip that offers a unique coding which cannot be duplicated. Once the seals are scanned using RFID scanners, it allows the identification of the container bolt seal locked on to a specific container. This solution ensures security of the containers during the transit process from the exporters premises to the clearance ports / ICD’s.


The RFID Bolt Seals are now available for the CBIC Approved Vendors to buy. Exporters approved for self-sealing can register themselves at the ID Tech’s RFID E-Seal portal www.rfidsealsindia.com for all their container sealing and shipping needs. The RFID Tamper Proof Seals are available through both online sales and routine sales network. The company is also offering its distributorships PAN India for which the interested re-sellers with acknowledged credentials can contact ID Tech’s team directly.


RFID E-Seal used for containers, to prevent theft and tampering of goods
RFID Security Seal Trucks and trailers, for access control, speeding up gate-in / gate-out operations in terminals, hubs, ports, and protecting goods


Significant increase in inspection rate
Minimize container tampering and thefts
Facilitate trade and Reduce Custom clearance time
Speed up logistic processes


UHF RFID passive E-Seal
Operation Frequency: 865-867 MHz
Dimension Length: 86mm
Bolt Diameter: 10mm
Material: Carbon Steel
RFID Chip: Alien Technology, USA
Standard: ISO17712:2013, ISO9001:2015 (including Clause 6)
Tamperproof High Security RFID E-Seal for one time use only